Interracial dating television

It's hard to hit the right notes while delving into issues like hiring a "hot nanny" of indeterminate Asian ethnicity when Mitch is married to a woman of indeterminate Asian ethnicity.

The obvious way for this story line to proceed is for Mitch not to hire this particular person because he's worried about temptation. Mitch doesn't want to hire this "hot nanny" because people will think he has "a thing" for Asian women.

Their best friends, Russell (Tone Bell) and Angie (Bresha Webb), are Black.

When we first learned of the show’s premise, it actually did make us a little nervous.

To deal with that topic in a way that feels 2015..was not an easy story to break,” Nash says.

One of TV’s first and most memorable interethnic couples was, of course, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz on (1951-1957). “CBS and its sponsor, Philip Morris cigarettes, were adamantly opposed to this.

They said that the American public would not accept Desi as the husband of a red-blooded American girl.” Kathleen Brady, one of Ball’s biographers, told NPR in February 2014.

) represent the ever-changing tapestry of diverse backgrounds in American families.

Some scripted shows, however, choose to go the route of ignoring the fact that a couple is interracial until it becomes awkward to watch.

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