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Most asians who marry a non-asian have a white spouse; intermarriage with blacks and latinos is less common.However, even among asians, most people still marry someone of their own racial group.In this case, anti-miscegenation laws were part of a larger anti-asian movement that eventually led to the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 and other restrictive regulations.These laws actually excacerbated ethnic tensions because asian men were no longer allowed to bring their wives to America.Before the 20th century, with the exception of soldiers and traders, most people rarely interacted with foreigners.Even the term "interracial dating" is subject to interpretation.However, unlike the situation with black/white couples, the gender imbalance is slightly less with cohabiting couples; only 2.09 times as many white men cohabited with asian women as asian men cohabited with white women.Black-asian marriages, such as the one that produced golf legend Tiger Woods, are still rare, but here the gender imbalance is even more pronounced than interracial pairings involving whites.

Currently, six percent of black husbands are in an interracial marriage, compared to only two percent of black wives.

Those who wanted to marry had no other choice but to find a non-asian partner.

After World War II, racial barriers began to lessen somewhat as U. servicemen who had fought and were stationed overseas in Asian countries returned with asian "war brides" of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese origin.

They were first passed in the 1600s to prevent freed black slaves from marrying whites.

More such laws were passed in the 1700s and 1800s as a response to an influx of Chinese and Filipino laborers, almost exclusively male.

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