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More and more people are now gathering at the proverbial "watering hole" in internet dating site chat rooms.While the development of these datings sites started out as a great convienience it has now become dangerous in many ways.Please remember that it doesn't have to be an out of country scammer but someone right here taking advantage of someones emotional state.We are all vulnerable in some way and these people will find the weakness. Also just because there is a picture it doesn't mean that is the real person you are talking to.Whenever you are getting aquanted with someone PLEASE check them out.

The real reason is they are talking to more than one mark online at a time.They know this, after all their main objective is to win your trust so you will send them money. They will tell you they are contractors, engineers etc.for big companies who travel around the world and are currently working on a job site in Nigeria etc.There is also an embassy in every country they can go to. He got angry with me because I said I didn't have any money to send which in turn he tried to tell me I didn't love him lol lol lol Never told him I did in the first place lol lol They get really agitated if you ask a lot of questions.I mentioned this to "my guy" to see what his response would be and he said the embassy said they wouldn't help him. They'll try to get you to just talk about love and how they will take care of you if only they can get home.

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