I kissed dating goobye

He does not describe dating as a model that is necessarily sinful, but as a lesser option than courtship.

Courtship is superior because it is meant to protect against heartache and regret.

We will encounter books by a cast of characters ranging from Joshua Harris, Randy Alcorn and David Platt all the way to Joel Osteen, Bruce Wilkinson and William Young.

Christians were forced to examine what they believed about romantic relationships.The discussion his book generated was integral in shaping his generation of young Christians.As that generation has grown up and matured, some now commend and some now condemn the book.In this book he tells why he rejected dating in favor of courtship, and he calls on his readers to do the same.He believes courtship represents a better and more biblically-faithful model of beginning and building a romantic relationship.

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His parents were pioneers in the Christian homeschooling movement which was only in its infancy while Josh and his siblings were growing up.

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