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If employees are adversely affected because of a proscribed ground, an employer must seek to “accommodate” those employees to the point of undue hardship.There are often competing and valid interests when the duty to accommodate is engaged.I would recommend Tulbagh for an amazing experience.If you are looking for South Africa holiday accommodation , Safari Now has a selection of Self-catering, Holiday Home, Guest House holiday accommodation in South Africa and surrounds.He or she must provide the employer with the necessary information.They cannot refuse a reasonable accommodation even if that position is not their preferred option.An employee is not entitled to the “perfect” or even her first choice of accommodation.The solution must work for both the employee and the employer.

Juat a pity, so many South Africans don't value or find interest in visiting the jewels of our country.

Thoughts and beliefs will not discharge the duty, an actual investigation of alternatives and adjustments must be performed.

For example, in disability cases, an employer must obtain information about the employee’s medical limitations, the prognosis for recovery and the ability of the employee to perform other tasks.

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