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You opened your eyes slowly to see you cousin standing beside the bed with three more guys by his side. After that first encounter, you had began to know Yusuke's friends more closely and you warmed to them quickly, even with Keiko and Botan.

One had black hair and was short, almost immediately you recognized him as a youkai; then there was a guy with orange hair that you assumed to be human; and then a guy with red hair and green eyes that you could tell that it was a youkai as well. Yusuke approached you with a frown on his face.- Humph, it seems that the woman has high spiritual sensitivity. With Hiei you became as close to him as he allowed and you found out that he began keeping an eye on you like you were his younger sister.

Once you got there, you saw him sitting on the floor playing with his brother and you couldn't help but smile at the sight. - You got a little blushed but smiled slightly at him.

Suddenly he noticed your presence and turned to gaze at you before smiling.- ( ). For that dinner you had decided to dress a simple light blue sundress that wasn't too tight around your stomach, that way you were sure that your slightly developed belly wasn't noticeable.- Thank you Kurama.

You've seen him fight to protect his friends and family till he was badly injured.

By Botan, Keiko and Kuwabara's sister side, you've watched the boys fight with all their might.

You smiled as you remembered how you two met.=You had gone visit your cousin Yusuke when suddenly you saw him following a tall and muscular guy to a deserted building.

Thinking that Yusuke was picking another fight, you followed him, hoping that you could stop the fight eventually.

You gazed questionably at him who waved his hand.- I apologize ( )-chan. Does that mean that you've never loved anyone like that? After a while you smiled widely at him.- I love you too Kurama. Everyone knew that you and Kurama have been dating for 2 months now (since that afternoon in his house) and you had confide in Keiko that you two were also intimate since that day.- Of course! - You stopped mid sentence as you remembered the first time and gasped. - Keiko looked worriedly at you.- What is it ( )-chan? - The other girl sighed and got up, before helping you raise to your feet.- There's nothing you can do about that now. A part of you was thrilled by being pregnant with Kurama's child, but another part of you was scared about his reaction.

- You bit your lower lip and he noticed that something was wrong.- What is it ( )? - You smiled and grabbed his hand, before placing it on the small bump that was your belly.- According to the doctor, I'm in my 11th week. Now, we really should think about telling our families. Later that day, you and Kurama decided to tell the news to his family.

- He caressed your face and you decided that now was the time.- Kurama, can we talk in a more private place? - He warned his mother that you two were going to the garden, before he grabbed your hand and took you outside. - You closed your eyes, afraid to look at him and see rejection in his eyes. - The boy caressed your stomach before kissing you again.- I'm glad that you have been going to the doctor. - You began playing with his hair.- I was a little scared about your reaction. At first, his mother and stepfather were a little upset since both of you were so young, but after a while, they got used to the idea and supported you.

- You blush slightly at his words before nodding slightly.- I would appreciate that Kurama. - He began to walk and you soon did too, walking by his side.- What about my house?

My mother and my stepfather went with my baby brother to visit his grandparents. - You blushed again at the prospect of being alone in his house with him before nodding.- S-Sure!

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But please look at what you wrote on your notebook. - This time he looked at you and saw you nervously waiting for an answer. - He smiled again as he leaned down to kiss you passionately, before you laid back on the couch with him on top of you. However, with Keiko's support you decided that you would tell him nonetheless.

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  1. if they dated a girl, would the other girl be a lesbian, because there dating a biological girl.. After about 8 months of testosterone, hetero guys sure aren't looking any more. I'm bi and normally get involved with bi girls who see me as a guy, but I've also dated a straight girl. if a ftm transgender, went out with a boy, who was gay, would the girl "boy", be straight?