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According to my stepmother, I’m more patient than she is. I didn’t get angry at him and only once said, “I’m only 47! I am glad he’s still there in many ways that makes him recognizable but even before the diagnosis, I knew we were losing him. I didn’t enjoy myself, I don’t feel closer to her, but I did what I needed to do, which was help take care of her.

She is in a fight with her parents and siblings and has cut everyone off.

I’ve been working hard and I’m pretty satisfied with how the job is going.

I need to find more opportunities for the company, part of the problem with the private sector, but the work itself I’m mostly enjoying.

I like to practice the old fashioned art of face to face intellectu Lawrenceville New Jersey Simi72 38 Man Seeking Women Single father with sole custody of 2 kids 10 & 11.

I love to travel, hike, camp, go to concerts and festivals.

Sure, a lot of what they do is “family time” but I’m sure I could jump on that train once in a while.

We had lunch then played with Legos a her house for a few hours.It’s been a long time since we had that kind of hang and I wish we did it more often.I’ll have to take more initiative instead of waiting to be asked.I felt bad—I feel bad—but I know it was the right decision for the group. My new friend (he's "Dan" from the July post), a guy I’ve been hanging out with for maybe a year, sort of made a pass at me on New Year’s Eve. ) and has a variety of mental health issues that make him seem like not a great boyfriend candidate. Maybe he was drunk and that “pass” (which was a cuddle on the couch) didn’t mean anything.We didn’t go out together, but he was out in my ‘hood and came over when I got home. I put an end to it and he apologized a lot (during and after).

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But despite her ordeal, Olivia Newton-John says she is 'grateful' for having the disease, admitting it 'taught her [about] compassion'.

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