Getting a handle on intimidating situaltions worksheet

One night a week, we came together in this nondescript room, and our instructor, a 30-ish soccer-playing poetry lover named David, gave us exercises to write on the spot.But most of them are over 65, according to the National Cancer Institute.Suzanne worried about dating someone who didn’t know she’d lost a breast.Me, I needed to figure out how to stop feeling so tense.The others “were already in the middle of what they wanted to do, or retired from it.” For Arlissa, our writing group has been “perfect.” “There was this huge gap.I didn’t know how to talk about things I needed to talk about.” Now, she says, “I’m beginning to find those things.” She wrote about finding the lump in her breast and about her husband telling her, “If all you do today is grow some hair on your head then that is enough.” She wrote about how, as a teenager, she discovered a calendar where her mother had chronicled her final months.Their energy can encourage fellow team members to stay focused on their tasks and targets.

Her grandmother had it, and it had killed Arlissa’s mother soon after she was born.Instead of writing plays or poems, she’s spent the last two years wrestling with cancer’s aftermath.“When my treatment finished, I thought I was going to be able to jump up and take on the world where I left off, but that didn’t happen.She turned to a survivors’ support group, but her youth made her feel alone.They weren’t as sensitive to the changes cancer had wrought on their appearance.They did not have doctors telling them that they should have children before 35, so reproductive organs can be removed to guard against more cancer.

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