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The first event that led towards the fight against homosexuality in Nazi Germany was the unification of the German state in 1871 known as the Second Reich.

The new state brought forth a new penal code which included paragraph 175.

In late February 1933, as the moderating influence of Ernst Röhm weakened, the Nazi Party launched its purge of homosexual (gay, lesbian, and bisexual; then known as homophile) clubs in Berlin, outlawed sex publications, and banned organized gay groups.Upon the rise of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party (the Nazi Party) in Germany, gay men and, to a lesser extent, lesbians, were two of the numerous groups targeted by the Nazis and were ultimately among Holocaust victims.Beginning in 1933, gay organizations were banned, scholarly books about homosexuality, and sexuality in general, (such as those from the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, run by Jewish gay rights campaigner Magnus Hirschfeld) were burned, and homosexuals within the Nazi Party itself were murdered.Jews have been subject to persecution (anti-Semitism) in Europe for hundreds of years, especially in Russia. The SA stand outside Jewish shops, cafés and businesses to prevent customers from entering, and paint Jude on their windows.The Nazis exploited this hatred in election campaigns.1933 – 550,000 Jews lived in Germany.1939 – 280,000 had left Germany, eg Einstein went to the USA in 1933. On the 9th and 10th of November the Nazis destroyed 7,500 Jewish shop windows, burned 400 synagogues and arrested 30,000 Jews and sent them to concentration camps.

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