Error updating locale 7945

This is done by issuing the following commands under the telephony-service section of CME: The load command is followed by the phone type and associated firmware (.load) file.Notice we do not add the .loadof the filename at the end of the command.Refer here for details on CME locale configuration - this recent thread; Prof?page=netprof&forum=Unified Communications and Video&topic=General&Comm Cmd=MB? cmd=display_location&location=.2cbf1665Hope this helps! Rob The Procedure of Deleted and Error Code 39185 Forum: Network Management Author: hone Replies: 0 What lead to a software version matching error?The IP phone should first obtain the “loads” file and then proceed with the individual files.Once complete, the IP phone will install the files and finally reboot Below is a screenshot of our 7945 IP phone during the firmware upgrade process: The IP phone should now be ready for use with the new IP phone firmware installed.This means that it is necessary to have Call Manager or Call Manager Express setup so that the IP phone will be able to receive the new information (phone application and configuration) after the reset procedure is complete, because it is likely the IP phone will not be usable until this information is loaded.

In most cases, the firmware file name is something similar to the following: cmterm-7945_7965-sccp.9-1-1

Here is the clip; The 'error loading locale' is normal as long as you are in the U. because it is looking for a tone file that doesn't exist because it is the default setting.

You should be OK to ignore it because it won't affect anything.

From the file name, we can understand that this is firmware version 9.1.1, for Cisco 79 SCCP IP phones.

Next, the firmware must be uploaded and unpacked on our CME router.

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It also creates a DHCP scope named and configures various self-explanatory parameters including the critical DHCP option 150, which represents the CME the IP phone should try to register to.

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