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They are discouraged to hear that you need to learn 4,000 characters in order to read a Chinese newspaper.

But then I explain once you learn the roots of the characters, which are merely pictures, and once the pictures are put together to communicate your ideas, it is quite easy.

So Victoria, her crew, and Sara Gillingham, the book's designer, got very involved and finally found the perfect way to show this poem to the world.

They developed this stepped kind of a book, where the whole poem becomes visible upon the first opening.

Educators are very smart to be introducing a handle on the Chinese language to our children's curriculum in the United States. When I am there with my family I take some time to travel to surrounding areas of the country. I still have the original roll of paper towels from 20 years ago. Say you have a particular kind stone that someone then finds and makes into an arrowhead; this becomes a character over the ages with its own spirit in it.

My daughters are ten and seven; they are learning Chinese from a good teacher and they love it. If you don't like the sketch you just get rid of it. You don't understand it just by looking at it—you must want to know the people in the past.

Writing picture words is the primary way in communication. They are moving into a very changed world of global communications. You have an agreement of the proper way to intermarry two words.

English-speaking children will need to be in communication with cultures that use Chinese characters as the basis for their language. For children who will want to be involved in world economics and world affairs, loving and learning about Chinese characters is essential. They have a nice texture on them, just like rice paper in China. Some of the papers I used are actually bought, but others are papers I sort of picked up from different places where people discard papers. Well, this has happened for thousands of words, an evolution down to the modern characters that we have today.

Will you comment about the spiritual nature of your work?

Then when you open each page, the poem is revealed.

Vertically, as it turned out, is also how Chinese is read—from top to bottom. I didn't think this would be affordable or possible but they really made it work. I have everyone at Chronicle to thank for that format.

If they will have something to do with the future of world relationships they will want to be familiar with Chinese. The study of these intermarriages of symbols is my fascination.

Librarians and teachers are getting excited in hooking into this reality of that aspect of our future. I do go to China every year to see my mother—she is 101 and lives in Beijing with my brother. The textures and colors of the paper you have used are quite beautiful. Were there special qualities about certain papers that appealed to you? You go into history and you find out that one character comes from this particular society at this time with this value system and a particular feeling related to this and so forth, so you go into all the different relationships in time around a word and then you understand it.

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