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When asked, many young men say it's simply more romantic or even that girls in Thailand are 'more beautiful'.

The growing number of younger men using internet dating and social network sites to meet Thai women has caused many academics to research what is going on.

'Not only has this causes many men to seek love in remote, foreign places like Thailand but it is also causing many younger men to think twice before entering into marriage,' says James Hewitt a visa lawyer and commentator in Bangkok.

This has been even been described by some as a breakdown of western society.

However not all foreigners arriving in Thailand come from failed relationships.

More younger men are opting to use the internet to find foreign life partners or love abroad.

I know scores of young men in the UK who have regular girlfriends in Thailand and visit once or twice a year.Thai women are battling negative stereotypes and increased visa regulation in foreign countries as more consider dating foreigners online.But research consistently shows that these relationships are successful and based on love.I was at the Russian Cinderella's Pool party in Marina Del Rey on june 1 , and I just wanted to say that you guys have the best ! I would like to write a review about a past Russian Cinderella party (october 2012, Valley Inn restaurant). It is one thing to go to a party and see a lot of women you'd like to say hello to. Read more My name is Marina and I would like to thank Alisa and everybody who helped her to organized a recent Russian Cinderella Party in Beverly Hills on march, 2013. I was pared up with a young business woman and we immediately hit it off.

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