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Their brand of plain speaking could be seen as a back-lash against years of male domination which is still present in some form or other.Earlier because of conservative Catholicism and later due to the brand of chauvinism imposed by the Franco regime, Spanish culture imposed strict norms on the movement and freedom of women.Incidentally when in Spain you may keep hearing about someone, especially a woman having carácter.In Spanish culture, carácter is not a word that refers to a personal moral leanings or even personality as a whole, but that feisty bit in Spanish people that wells up to sort out minor injustices and annoyances.There is a saying in Spanish: "One swallow does not make summer".And the fact that Anonymous dates a perfect Spanish lady, does not answer the question about difficulties he had or he had find out all this and more about Spanish women, read on.

The tan that the Spanish acquire is immensely attractive and more so on its women.Strong personality Despite their feminine looks, Spanish women are no delicate darlings.They are strong-willed, self-assured and do not suffer fools gladly.Indeed the Spanish love of shapely figures goes all the way to the top since its government was one of the first in the world to ban size zero models on the catwalk in 2006.Quite social on the whole The Spanish are very social people and women are too are generally open to making new friends.

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Women from Spain consistently feature among the most attractive faces in the world of fashion and entertainment.

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