Dating someone who is opposite of you

Some relationship experts believe that we are naturally drawn to individuals who have strengths that we are missing.

They feel that we as humans, all posses an innate quest for completion.

Check out these five predictors and see if you and a potential partner might be a good romantic match beyond the surface interests.

If you tend to write off a guy quickly, I encourage you to give more men at least a second date. When we met, it was clear we didn't have much in common.

If one person is a free spirit and lacks routine and the other is a planner and calculates every move, both parties would definitely benefit from adopting some of the habits of the other.

Or if one is a spender and worry-free when it comes to financial responsibility and the other is extremely frugal and watches every penny–the chances of that couple having a life time of great experiences and a tidy retirement nest egg –are greatly increased.

A lot of people feel that opposing–or just different–viewpoints automatically results in conflict, which is not entirely true.

Think of it this way; if both of you are exactly the same, one of you is un-necessary.Traditionally, when we think of compromise we think that we must give up something, the other also person has to give up something and we both only get half of what we want.But truly effective compromise creates “win-win” situations.If you can learn to see your partners diverse needs, likes and desires as an opportunity for you both to be enriched, empowered and satisfied, you will thrive in the area of creating the “win-win.”Compromise is driven by communication.When seeking to compromise one usually “gives in” to the other.

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Learning how to make a relationship work with a person who is dissimilar is challenging. Don’t shy away from dating someone because they appear to be too different from you.

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