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Children with special needs bring so much joy to the world, but they also face unique challenges, as do their parents.

This section will answer tough questions about special needs including Autism, Asperger Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, gifted children, post-traumatic stress, physical differences, and more.

Our doctors, therapists and parents of special needs children will guide you through the essentials of how to raise a differently-abled child so that he or she can lead a happy and healthy life.

Let’s face it, unless you’re a “celebrity” single Mom with a dozen hand servants; nannies, cook, chef, housekeeper, to tend to the basic needs of your kids the average working single Mother of “typically” developing children is usually exhausted–most of the time.

“Several Moms get together and trade off baby sitting duties.

And if there are other “typically” developing children in the family, their needs often get pushed to the side, because the single Mom is so incredibly immersed in being an advocate for the child who can’t speak for himself.

By doing this you are helping your special needs child develop a tolerance for being able to sit at a restaurant.

“You’re going to have to learn to be consistent and follow through and exercise your patience gene,” says Schulman.

Here are some of Schulman’s suggestions: Network with other single parents who have kids with special needs.

“Join a babysitter club which is a new trend among single parents,” says Schulman.

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