Dating site for jehovahs witnesses

We trust that you will use this service in good faith and never harm any of our members in any way (Refer to 1st Corinthian, 13:4-7) Should you have any questions or need technical support regarding this site, please use our online CONTACT FORM! Ich habe die Zeit hier sehr genossen und viele neue Freundinnen dazugewonnen, mit denen ich auch weiter in Kontakt bleibe.

It takes courage to go door-to-door with their religion.

Because they respect the founding fathers, and quote them on various occasions, but never cite WHERE they got the quotes from.

The reason being, if they actually READ the founding fathers, they'd find in the same works they're quoted from in JW literature, the founding fathers are explaining and proving theological truths that are entirely contrary to what the "quote" is supposedly saying.

Being sexually abused by an adult JW, when I was 14, and how matters now days are handled, by silence....just wrong.

And it does not help when your x father in law is a leading and upstanding man in the congregation, and I divorced his junior elder son, with scriptural grounds, and I was the one looked down upon.

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