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But so far, no one has been able to steer me to such evidence of ancient belly dance ritual goddess worship.Although I don't believe that belly dance is an ancient goddess-worship ritual, other kinds of spiritual movement have taken many forms throughout the traditions of the Middle East and northern Africa.I have looked for ancient evidence of belly dancing, and found only other dance forms instead.I would be very interested in discovering ancient text that speaks of torso-oriented solo-improvised dance being used to honor Inanna, or seeing images from ancient Sumer that show a woman with a hip raised in dance.To the right is one of the oldest images of dance known to us today. Click on this image to see more detail - you'll see that the dance style it shows is very athletic, with high kicks.

The images at Saqqara seem to suggest that Rockette-style high kicks are "the oldest dance".

Although we might be able to find older images of dance in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), India, China, or the Americas, today I'm not aware of any such images of dance or written narratives describing how and why people in those regions danced.

Until such evidence comes to light, these images from Egypt remain the oldest information we have about ancient dance and how it was done.

Many modern-day dancers have incorporated movement into their own spiritual expressions.

Some borrow from the traditional Middle Eastern forms, while others apply modern-day dance moves to creating their own new spiritual practices.

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