Dating profile tricks

These crafty ladies will bend and conform themselves precariously to just the right position to hide those multiple chins, unsightly bulges, and possibly even hooves in the attempt to rope in unsuspecting victims across the World Wide Web.

Mens du læser dette, så husk på at ingen mennesker er bedre til at skrive din dating profil end dig selv!And probably drink them all under the table, to boot.The emo girl of your dreams: Or maybe your worst nightmare.And finally, one late night you asked your beauty for some boob shots: And you GOT ‘EM!Taking a cue from Shallow Hal, love may be blind and beauty may only be skin deep but a façade of smoke and mirrors is no way to begin a relationship and if the lovely lady of your online dreams isn’t truthful with you about herself upfront, can you be so sure you can trust her down the road?

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