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The scientists therefore expected that men would be financially impetuous when faced with a male-biased skew, in both the real world and the laboratory.

In order to untangle the impact of sex ratio on financial decision making, Griskevicius and his colleagues conducted a series of four studies.

These modulating patterns demonstrate that when there is an abundance of men in a given populace, women will conform to their typical relationship desires, and vice versa.

For example, having numerous female rivals may pressure a woman to soften her standards when choosing a partner.

Rather than have participants gaze at images, the investigators instructed them to read manufactured news articles (ostensibly from the Chicago Tribune), that “reported” on whether more women or more men lived in the participant's community.

Then they queried the volunteers about how much money they wanted to save from a paycheck each month and how much money they would like to borrow from a credit card for immediate expenses. In keeping with their previous findings, the men were more financially impetuous when they believed that their gender outnumbered women in their locality.

Second, the balance of males to females influences the intensity of both mating competition and effort.What happens when there are too many or too few men on the marriage market?According to a recent study, the economy can fluctuate wildly.Research has exposed that such imbalances spur shifts in mating dynamics.Now, a team of scientists have superimposed another layer of change that results from biased sex ratios onto this image: consumer behavior.

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