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It went on for a year, and was pretty great, but we had to end it because at the time, he was going to grad school far away.We had no end date, and our futures didn’t look so similar as I wanted to move across the country after graduation.Or maybe you’re just meant to be with him for a little while, but it’s that little while that you’re together that you learn what qualities you love in a partner and what qualities aren’t such a good match.And maybe it will be the lessons you take from this relationship that propel you into the life you’re meant to live, and if you listened to your family and your friends and Google, you’d miss out on this relationship and its lessons and all of its potential.And it’s so important to give yourself permission to make some mistakes.Making mistakes is how you learn — not just what’s “right,” but what’s right for .

And considering you’re also concerned about your friends’ opinion, as well as what Google, of all things, says about your personal life, it’s safe to say that your self-esteem is probably pretty rocky, too, and you don’t have much confidence in your own decision-making.

Maybe there’s a real reason you’re turning to Google and to an internet advice columnist to validate a decision you’re having trouble owning.

on the day of my final exam he didn't answer my calls or text me at all.

About a year and a half passed, life was fun focusing on school and friends and terrible hook-ups, and then we saw each other at a spring football showcase before the season started.

We became friends and slowly inched into dating again. He’s transferring out of his grad school and wants to follow me to my internship, and we both have been talking very in-depth about longer-term goals (like marriage, jobs, etc.) for the both of us.

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