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Sanford Company had changed its name to the Descoware Corporation, headquartering itself in Los Angeles, and by the mid-1960’s Descoware had become a subsidiary of General Housewares Corporation, also of Los Angeles (yes, the same GHC of Magnalite fame …

Skillets are the workhorses of the kitchen, used morning, noon, and night to cook up everything from bacon and eggs to dirty rice.

A skillet with an unblemished spider and web is especially difficult to find because the design was raised rather than incised, which means it was susceptible to wear from contact with stovetops and other surfaces.

Two other pre-1900 Griswold logos were launched in 1884.

as well as Wagner Cast Iron, which by this time included the Griswold trademarks as well).

Le Creuset also used the Descoware version of the flame coloration with grey interior for a while; however, this was also relatively short lived.

If you look at Le Creuset’s current version of “flame” you will notice that the color is much more fluorescent looking, almost like posterboard.

GHC divested itself of the Descoware trademark and sold off the rights and formulas for the patented Descoware enamels to Le Creuset.

In addition to gifting the world with the beautiful “flame” design, Descoware also developed and patented the super hard, grey “Glissemaille” coating which makes so many of its pieces stand out not only for durability, but for their simple beauty.

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