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As for Muslim guy telling you not to eat Pork, I'd tell him where to shove it.

Tolerance and multi-culturalism should be encouraged - but anything OTT from any ethnic minority or ango majority is a big no-no.

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Peu importe l'âge, nous avons tous le droit au bonheur!

Grâce à notre selection des meilleurs sites de rencontre pour flirter, vous pourrez vous éclater, et à l'aide de chat, de webcam etc vous serez guidé tout au long du processus pour trouver la personne qu'il vous faut!

(more weird ideas from my mind .- he he he he) The irony is that Bush's fuck-up handed Iraq over to the Islamic extremists on a silver platter. The Islamists may claim to hate America but in reality they would be nowhere without it.

okthen how about a shit load of lead marbles on tiny parachutes, covered in pig shit, pepper-sprayed as a cloud in front of the flight path of these same jetsit would cause friggin havoc with their engines...becomes too expensive to just be intimidatingever seen what a simple bird does to these aircraft? There is no way that the EU will let them in - eimaste exclusive club and only very few are invited.

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