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And so it was my own personal decision to have that done and I was proud of what I did.” During the Attitude Era, Stephanie’s boob job was often targeted by both Jericho and “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment,” The Rock.Her augmentation was first acknowledged on on August 13, 2001, with Jericho mocking the noticeable growth of her chest.

Jericho accepted the challenge and thanked Stephanie by saying she’s the breast … They’d go everywhere and use Stephanie’s breasts as a flotation device.

On the Titan Tron, “Y2J” had a video still of a less-endowed Stephanie displayed along a shot of her busting out of her top from the week before to show the difference. Stephanie, who was concealing her chest with her arms, exclaimed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Jericho! ” Jericho recommended they go out to dinner to discuss it since there’s a Hooters restaurant a few blocks away.

“It seems like our little billionaire princess sure has grown over the last year! Talk about foreign objects — you wanna say let the bodies hit the floor? Rhyno, who was by Stephanie’s side, grabbed the microphone and told Jericho to come to the ring so he could knock some respect into him.

Your husband [Triple H], the showcase of what a WWE Superstar should be, has had surgeries that have taken him out of action.

You [panning his eyes down at Stephanie’s chest] have had surgeries,” Cena said to Stephanie during a face-to-face confrontation in the middle of the ring.

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