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[ Read: 10 Exciting Ways To Find Missed Connection ] So you are very comfortable around your online friend. But how can you be sure that the other person is genuine enough? Reserve your excitement for later, after you have formed a better and more confident relationship and comfort level. When you are meeting someone for the first time, it is important to leave an impression on them. Be punctual and even if you are running late, inform your date beforehand and apologise.

Good manners go a long way in forming a good impression. It reflects the kind of person you are and speaks oodles about your personality and attitude.

When meeting a person, you judge them based on their looks, body language as well as their whole personality. Hence, it is better to avoid chatting a lot and form an image in your mind.

Yet, there are many who were fooled and taken advantage of.Also make sure you post a recent picture of yourself. Well yes I did, but just because you are being honest does not mean that everyone else is.Do not post that picture of you when you had rock hard abs in high school ten years ago. The main thing that people tend to exaggerate, lie or be a little untruly about is their profile photo. Also people have a tendency to exaggerate their lives as well.Try how much ever you can, you can never escape the charms of online editing.Given the hectic lifestyle of today, where people juggle between establishing a balance between work and personal life, one more than often turn towards the worldwide web in order to satisfy their quest for love.

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