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Cons Under the current senior administration, staff are treated as throw aways.

You work at the will of the college, and if they decide you don't look the part (read - stylish, young, outgoing), or some such thing, you're out the door, not allowed to return to your office to collect your things, immediate loss of email address with no forwarding or out of office message.

The telementoring program matches Amherst students from low income backgrounds to serve as mentors to talented high school students from underserved schools across the nation.

Learn more about Telementoring Program ABC is a national residential program that supports talented students of color from underserved school districts by increasing their access to academically rigorous independent and public schools with the goal of enhancing students’ preparation for college.

We are very excited about our new partnership with the Imidido Project in Rwanda, but other things are changing in our world.

Advice to Management Treat your staff with respect, dignity and a little humanity.

President Trump has made many promises of healthcare reform, and with the partial rolling back of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), we are hopeful he will fulfill his promises.

In addition, he has already instituted a global gag rule for all NGOs, preventing them from even mentioning abortion.

Pros Excellent benefits and perquisites which balances out the middling to lower end compensation scales.

Staff colleagues are cooperative, competent, and productive. Nice location in small New England town with easy access to ski areas in VT and NH, and quick train ride into NYC.

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