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Baby Boo: This adorable nickname shows him how much you care about him.Baby Cakes: This nickname is flirty and silly and it is fun to say!Cookie: Cookies are delicious, just like your boyfriend.Cowboy: Your guy is adventurous and strong, just like a cowboy.Hun: Short for honey, “hun” is fun to say and simple enough that he won’t resist it!

Chief: Your guy likes to know that you think of him as being a leader so he won’t mind if you call him this in public!Baby Face: Your boyfriend is cute and you want to take care of him so this is a cute nickname to express this! Bean: Bean is a fun word to say and sometimes its fun to give your guy a nickname for no other reason except that you like to say it!Big Guy: He might like this nickname because it isn’t cutesy.Babe: This nickname or “Babes” are popular nickname, and since it is not too corny, he may even let you use it in public!Baby: While some guys might say they don’t like this nickname because it makes them feel “babyed,” most guys secretly do like it!

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