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Dating a happy woman may not always make you happy, but dating a sad woman will almost certainly drive you to the depths of depression.

Marrying an angry and depressed woman will probably wreck your health and your finances.

Because of this, many women in their mid-20s will date or marry a man in his mid-30s or older.

They believe that older men are more dependable and stable.

Really, when you look into the situation it is understandable why so many Latin women sign up with international dating sites. Of course, there are also some women who will date solely for money.

In America they are called "gold diggers," but in Colombia the practice is called Prepaga.

Also, really most guys in their forties or fifties are smart enough to know that one sexy Latina is probably all they can handle.

Colombia ladies really do spend a lot of effort to look good, and if you like beautiful Latin ladies that is a very good thing.So, Colombian women do not just love Western men because of their money.They are attracted to Western men, because they want to be treated with the love and respect.Until very recently these crimes were rarely prosecuted.The situation is so serious that in July 2015 Colombia passed a new law specifically addressing femicide, where a man kills a woman because of her gender.

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Colombia rivals Mexico in the amount of award winning murals it has, and can even boast its own Nobel Prize winning novelist.

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