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We both agree, we would have never met without your introduction.We had wonderful lives but they were not an environment to meet available singles. The opportunity to meet a partner with similar life experiences, life styles, hobbies, goals and values was priceless. I have encouraged my single friends to take the chance and invest in trying to meet their life partner.We love the outdoors and we both enjoy hiking trips to exciting and unusual places. I often have this thought and want to make sure you know this.I will keep you posted as we are on 'hold' and looking forward to a lifetime together. I so appreciate you being there as I travel this road.He is the perfect partner for me - we connect on all levels like I have never felt before. Thank you I just wanted you to know that I owe you big time!Ali is indeed drop-dead gorgeous and a very exciting and interesting woman.Their impressive staff were all so professional, knowledgeable in their field and great fun to work with.

‘Chemistry’ is so hard to predict, but you presented me with what I described could work.

It is truly worth investing in the possibility for true happiness. James proposed last night at the beautiful and romantic Montage on Laguna Beach.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen.

She has a unique blend of empathy, warmth and work ethic making her well suited for the delicate business of match making.

Cheers, I wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you that I thought my date was great. I'm already thinking about how this could go given the distance. I'm feeling like a little school boy wondering if she 'liked me', kinda funny huh?

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