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Turkey is a country where marijuana is strictly controlled by the government, but this is not cannabis that is able to be smoked or contains THC, this is seeds only.Marijuana for smoking is illegal in Turkey and if caught with an amount of 12.5 grams or less it is a legal requirement to attend rehab one time per week and to be subjected to mandatory drug screens."While the effect is temporary for both cigarette and marijuana smoke, these temporary problems can turn into long-term problems if exposures occur often enough and may increase the chances of developing hardened and clogged arteries," said study author Matthew Springer, Ph. It May Increase Testicular Cancer Risk Researchers at the University of Southern California found smoking weed may increase your odds of getting testicular cancer.In the study, men who had testicular germ cell tumors were more likely to report previously using marijuana than those who didn't have the tumors.

“What we saw was that over time, marijuana use was associated with a lower response to a monetary reward,” study author and neuroscientist Mary Heitzeg, Ph. “This means that something that would be rewarding to most people was no longer rewarding to them, suggesting but not proving that their reward system has been ‘hijacked’ by the drug, and that they need the drug to feel reward—or that their emotional response has been dampened.” That's not all.

When it comes to polarizing health topics, few subjects spark more debate than weed (exept maybe Cross Fit or the Paleo Diet).

The latest marijuana research, from University of Michigan Health System, suggests toking up regularly can dull your emotional response and cause addiction.

Northwestern University scientists found former pot smokers had developed brain abnormalities in regions associated with short-term memory.

Study participants also demonstrated reduced performance on memory-related tasks.

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"But this study provides evidence that it's affecting the brain in a way that may make it more difficult to stop using it.

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