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Dans un premier temps, un rapide survol historique de son exercice au Canada, tant à la période pré-Confédérative qu’à la période post-confédérative permettra d’en cerner l’origine.

Dans un deuxième temps, une analyse des textes législatifs provinciaux et fédéraux servira à fixer le cadre légal entourant son exercice.

Conclusion: The employer discriminated against the employee on the basis of disability by dismissing her without first making inquiries into whether accommodation was needed, and considering possible accommodation.

The employer was ordered to pay lost wages from the date of dismissal to the date (about 6 months later) when the employee returned to school, as well as 00 for injury to dignity.

Cette note de recherche permettra d’en identifier la nature et les enjeux contemporains.

For the reasons above, if you wish to learn about discrimination, you should consult resources that concern specific human rights legislation (e.g.

the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act, etc.).

The Tribunal began by noting that it is usually the responsibility of an employee to bring to the attention of the employer the need for accommodation of a disability.

However, where the employer has “It is evident that Ms.

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