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The tough news is that by falling to temptation –1) You have increased your appetite for sin, and2) You have weakened your resolve to fight against it.

This does NOT mean that the relationship has to be over.

In a sense, it will mean fasting from certain physical contact until you are both married.

The best way to know these boundaries is simply hang out with your lady as if she were a male friend.

Some of the obvious examples are sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and emotional wounds.

Dating Christian singles who share this critical value will help you both stay loyal to this Biblical principle.

In addition, it will maximize the chances of establishing a healthy foundation based on love, respect, and emotional, social, and spiritual intimacy.

Of these, one of the most important is sexual boundaries.

It is no surprise that we live in a very sex-saturated society.

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In addition, when sex is permitted in dating relationships, it often becomes the central focus, severely stunting the healthy development of emotional, social, and spiritual intimacy, which drastically reduces the possibility of creating a successful long-term relationship.

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