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I love Selena so much and I hope she always healthy, happy and succed in her career. I love her hiar because she has long, curly, light-brown hair, so she looks extremely beautiful and fashion. I think Selena is a person who lkes to try new things.

Two years ago, when I was ten years old, my family travelled to the USA to visit my grandpa. By chance, I saw Selena Gomez when I bought a blue alarm. Long time ago, everybody said:" She is a Disney princes." But now she growing up. She is a creative women because she likes to compose a lot of songs and to record many album by herself.I love Selena so much and I hope she always healthy, happy and succed in her career. She has long pretty black hair and deep grace eyes.She kind, intelligent, funny , active and hard-working.He's good at English so he uses his knowledge to be an English teacher at home.At first, there weren't anyone study at his house because they didn't trust him.

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Every people say that, he is the best football player ever of is era. And he also brave that when he has injuries, he never gave up. And that is why when he has injuries, the journalist said that he had to take a long time off, but when his team needed him, he always went to the stadium and played, and of course he made people suprise. Messi and his team usually come to some local's children team to give gifts to them because they're poor. UNDERSTAND, JAY-CRAZY CRABOne month ago, i saw the voice kid Viet Nam.

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