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Not one part of it shines with anything like the pure glory that was so evident when it was first made. You see it in the family, as the place designed for growth and protection often becomes a source of life’s greatest hurts.You see it in a staggering, diseased economy that has finally exhausted itself after decades of financial debauchery.Research consistently shows that heterosexual married adults do better in virtually every measure of emotional and physical health than people who are divorced or never married. They recover from illness more quickly, earn and save more money, are more reliable employees, suffer less stress, and are less likely to become victims of any kind of violence.

Violations of the marriage covenant may lead to the dissolution of the marriage covenant.Gambling is a state-run business promoted to our youth and our poor. Divorce has played havoc with the social structure. Now comes the biggest and—if we don’t win—the last battle: homosexual marriage.The fact is, radical homosexuals don’t really want marriage.Unbiblical divorce constitutes the major sinful pattern in our broken world, threatening the preservation of life’s first and most basic institution.So prevalent is divorce today that church members divorce at the same rate and percentage as nonchurched individuals.

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