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After 3 years, she also played the Scout Finch in the movie known as To Kill a Mockingbird.

Bethany Joy Lenzlived with her husband in the Washington, the place known as the Battle Ground. She gave birth in 2011 to a daughter known as Maria Rose Galeotti.

When she got her baby, she stopped to work for a year while she was raising her baby.

She came back featuring in different works including Men at Work, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and also joined the Sock Monkee therapy.

However, after sometime she was photographed while shopping with her daughter and another actor called Wes Ramsey.

Some speculations started about if he was her new boyfriend.

Before she played in One Tree Hill, Bethany was spending most of her time acting at the stage.

However, after sometime, the pair were seen while holding hands while leaving an event at Lakers Youth foundation and this confirmed that they were a couple.

Lenz has been supporting for a long period the International human right organization by the help of the social media outlets.

She was initially married and been the mother of an adorable daughter.

It was unexpected announcement to everyone that she wants to divorce her husband.

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