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Ad Age: You're owned by one of the world's largest media companies, but it seems as though you haven't been used to bring synergy to bear that much. Right now you can find virtually any episode of any show in prime time on My Space.

And we'll do special integrations and promotions with them, just like we will NBC and with other networks -- for example, "America's Got Talent." We're going to be working with them.

They do want that T-shirt, and they do want the ringtone. Ad Age: But music is an inherently shared experience.There are 20 million small businesses in the United States that we don't service at all.We just don't, because we don't have the manpower on the sales side to take smaller orders in a self-service environment.(and they were MORE than fine in person…very different than how they came across online) The key is this: Just be comfortable in your own skin.If you’re shy…don’t act like an extrovert online, just to get dates. ) Don’t mislead people about your appearance, or dating objectives. The beauty of dating online is that you WILL find someone who DOES (or will) love you just for who you are right now…and not who you THINK they want you to be!

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There's more sellable inventory on those high-traffic home pages. De Wolfe: First of all, I don't know exactly what happened with Facebook. we've always tried to put the user first, always put the user in control -- not only of their experience on My Space but of everything. They can choose to bring their profiles to Yahoo but not to Twitter. At the end of the day, it's the user who's going to drive the advertising dollars. From there, we're going to offer free music streaming of any song in the catalog, but there will also be the ability for a user to buy literally any track in the catalog, any playlist that a user may have on their page, a ringtone, a ticket, merchandising, etc.

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