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• Set healthy limits and boundaries with the love avoidant eg. They won’t make ten calls looking for their partner.They won’t stay up all night waiting for their return.Practicing these qualities and experiencing them from your partner is what helps Security and closeness grow.Are you in love with a person who is love avoidant?Of course, I was always attracted to love avoidant men nearly all my life.

The client needs to: • Decrease their own expectations and meet their own emotional needs outside of the marriage in safe and healthy ways.First, the love avoidant must look at the at risk behaviors that he has developed to deal with his anger.This means that he will have to look at drugs or alcohol addiction, gambling, sexual addiction, workaholism or whatever these patterns have been and he will need to develop new methods of coping with his feelings of anger.According to her, people who are love avoidant usually experience the need to take care of a parent in childhood.This sense of duty creates a resentment, which results in walls that keep the love avoidant from ever truly experiencing love.

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