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There is alot of magic going on behind the scenes (which I will blog about in a separate post), but you do not need to know how it works to use it, e.g expression then the value of the Text property is pushed into a dictionary which the data control can retrieve later.So how does Grid View/Form View/Details View/List View get these values?To bind to the colorpicker I do this in the grid's Item Bound event: I beat my head against the wall on this one as well, but with the Details View object.Here was an alternate solution I came up with for multiple color pickers that may save others some time: The Template Field in the Details View: Hope this helps others (including the System. I am trying to make the Rad Color Picker work in a grid with inline editing.Best wishes, Svetlina the Telerik team Hi Svetlina, I have updated an existing service ticket with these details, but for benefit of the forum, here is cut-and-paste code that shows the problem. If you change the templated binding line below from this Hi Jim, Thank you for provided code and for clarifying your scenario.2-way Data Binding2-way Databinding is a cool feature in ASP.NET 2.0 which allows the user to write some special syntax to bind against property values they would like to extract from a control.

Hope this helps UPDATE: I've had some requests to add more data controls and to convert the code to VB etc.

If you can, use 2 way databinding, if your control doesn't have a useful property to bind against and you need to do some more logic to get the right value then use Find Control.

Edit: I've updated the code to loop over the Cells collection instead of the Controls collection (which is alot cleaner).

What can we do to surface these methods: The method itself is pretty simple.

It iterates over the control collection of the Grid View Row and calls Extract Values From Cell on each cell which puts values into the dictionary.

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