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” This autumn, Dakota is heading off to Gallatin, an arts college at New York University.“It’s going to be so sad when she leaves,” says Fanning.Has she thought much about the perils of early fame? So when did Fanning realise that what she was doing was a job, and something she wanted to pursue?

Dakota is also preternaturally talented (she was, for example, the youngest ever nominee for a Screen Actors Guild Award, at the age of eight), and professionally daring.

Fanning is already a 10-year veteran of the movie business. At the age of two years and 11 months, when few toddlers have had any experience in the entertainment industry – most are appallingly work-shy – Fanning was making her screen debut in I Am Sam.

At eight, when Fanning was shooting her first leading role in a feature film (Phoebe in Wonderland), I was refusing to take a grade two piano exam on the grounds that it would put me under too much pressure.

Four years later I gave up the piano; Fanning, meanwhile, marked her 12th birthday with a Young Hollywood Best Actress Award for her role in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere. (I may take up the piano again.) As is customary with JJ Abrams’s projects – he was the co-creator of television’s most crazily twisty programme, Lost – there is a beguiling veil of secrecy drawn over the film.

At its heart is a mysterious thing that winds up by accident in a small American town, changing the life of Alice (Fanning) and the five boys with whom she’s shooting a zombie film on a Super 8 camera.

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They all sort of have a little piece of me in them too, so it’s not like a huge transformation.” She giggles again. “Once you do your first scene, then you sort of get the feel of how it’s going to be and you feel comfortable again.” Certain people make her feel more nervous than others.

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