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There are countless close friendships that have been forged over the poker table but nothing interests people more than a good old-fashioned feud.

There’s a reason that Phil Hellmuth berating Shawn Sheikhan and Tony G telling Ralph Perry to get on his bike are two of the most popular poker clips on the Internet.

Ranting away, Daniel Negreanu seems to really hate this poker player, which is a strong reaction for Negreanu as he is usually rather amicable except in the case of Full Tilt Poker. Daniel Negreanu also mentioned a recent meeting with Howard Lederer, who is also Annie Duke’s brother, a fact that may be unknown to a few in the poker community.

Negreanu may be turning a little of the anger that he has for Lederer on to Duke, and one must wonder if this is fair.

It was arguably the toughest game in the world at that point and Negreanu listed Annie Duke as the sixth-best player in the game and was extremely complimentary of her game at the time. 9-18, 2002: Shots Are Fired Negreanu starts making vague accusations on about an “expert” that acts like a bully in the Bellagio game.

At first the comments are about an anonymous person but Negreanu later starts adding “she” into the thread.

Negreanu was very vocal about it and questioned, “For what? Owing Russ Hamilton money and never paying him back? For representing poker in the worst light imaginable when she was on Celebrity Apprentice? If you took out the “F” and added and “Sh” in the word fame then yes, I think she should be inducted,” he said.

“I’m horrified at the lengths to which these people went to try to cover up their actions, and I am very sorry that I ever agreed to work with them.” Duke did not address her own long-term roles as part of Ultimate Bet management.Daniel Negreanu has never had a soft corner for Annie Duke and much to the contrary has openly disapproved of her in many of his statements.However, the two function well professionally and always accord each other the respect due to a poker player whenever they find occasion to meet.There are very few ongoing conflicts between poker players that have gotten as malicious and continued as long as the one between Kid Poker and the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant.Although the feud has calmed down over the years, it seems very unlikely that either player will be sending Christmas cards to the other.

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