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They continue to belong to their original owners and I promise to put everything back where I found it. Pete e Carl se divertiam em mais uma noite comum em sua casa, o Albiom Rooms, quando os dois resolveram invadir o estádio de futebol do time favorito de Pete, o Queens Park Rangers, na madrugada.

Lá, eles não só dividiram mais um dos seus costumeiros momentos de adrenalina, como também deixaram que seus sentimentos se revelassem.

The large scale projection was created by Patrice Bouqueniaux and Cosmo and a verydelicate balance had to be found with the lighting levels to allow the video projection to work well on HDTV.

The lighting was supplied by Agora under the direction of Nicola-Manuel Tallino and programmed by Alex Passmore.

This is another good episode centering on a holy roller who boasts that he has a machine which cleanses paying customers of their sins.

An investigative journalist isn’t buying it and poses as a patron only to realize that this machine, powered by the preserved body of a serial killer who is imbued with the power to suck away actual sins, actually works. Pesce, who directed the third FROM DUSK TIL DAWN and one of the LOST BOYS sequels, as well as a few episodes of the TREMORS TV Series.

While there are familiar elements to this one, the talent of Le Blanc and Wheaton carries this one and elevates what could be a goofy story to watchable standards. When the female doctor’s long lost husband returns to her after being shot down in the jungle, she fights her sexual urges to ride his muscular form—even though she is really in love with the doctor.

This is another episode where we see actors prior to being stars, as Matt Le Blanc and Wil Wheaton star in this LOST BOYS-esque story about a pair of teens who believe the barber shop next door is a front for a vampire lair.It doesn’t help that it features early appearances by future SNL stars Kevin Nealon and David Spade, who basically play themselves, with Spade showing even when he’s supposed to be scary, he can’t be taken seriously.Julie Brown, not the wubba-wubba-wubba one, stars as a run-down mom exhausted from taking care of her newborn kid who just happens to be a toothy monster baby reminiscent of the tot from IT’S ALIVE.MISCHIEF’s Doug Mc Keon stars in this excellent episode where a pair of military men sign into their post guarding a nuclear substation just in time for the nuclear war.Their only communication with the outside world is another underground military outpost, but they are lured from their post by something that survived the nuclear holocaust.

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