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Your siblings might be hotter, but you are not a celebrity. Here are the ten Kenyans celebrities with 'hot' siblings.1. His younger brother who he introduced to the world in 2014 after wining the DJ of the year award at Groove Awards.

The celebrated actress, media personality and deejay gave birth to a bouncing baby girl early Wednesday (1.45am) in Nairobi hospital.

The girl’s baby daddy remains a mystery as Pierra has time and again refused to reveal his identity.We had met for the first time and he tried to kiss me. Weird cravings: Sometimes I crave a big juicy steak and I feel it in my molars; like they get all tingly. Worst body part: It depends, because as a woman you can wake up feeling a certain way. We all want to be perfect but you have to appreciate what you have.Dressing: I would describe my style as unique, colourful and Afro-centric because I love African hair a lot. ANNE KIGUTA-CITIZEN TV ANCHOR Height: 5’2 How long is your hair: 14 inches and it’s all natural. I played soccer, did track, sucked in basketball and was a star in badminton. What people don’t know about you: I was such a tomboy. I never used to wear makeup and used to wear baggy jeans. I’m those people who can’t do bungee jumping, rollercoasters or even some high merry go rounds. Weird cravings: I love Indian cuisine and anything that has chilli like chevda. Even before finishing my wine, he told me it was time to leave. My camera crew call me Kalili and it has stuck at work.I would also say experimental because I can wear edgy stuff because of my abs, my body allows it. Nicknames: My middle name is Nduta and my mum calls me Noni whereas my uncle calls me all sorts of things like Ndutasorous (like a dinosaur) and Basedrum cause of my baby pot. SARAH HASSAN- MASHARIKI MIX, THE WEDDING SHOW AND DISCOVERY 254 PRESENTER Phobia: Snakes. Worst date: Back in the day I went for a date with this guy who went on and on talking about himself; his cars and buildings.

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  2. The first time it happened was devastating and the second time, I lost it with him, and yet…I’m still waiting for him to do the right thing. I’m crazy about him and I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted a year – I’m 38, I don’t have time to waste! You’ve brought a product under the impression that it is and does as described and have discovered that it doesn’t and are the disgruntled customer who wants what she paid for – the man you met is not on offer.