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We parted when I got stationed overseas for an extended period of time and she met someone else.

Since I look at the person as a whole this doesn't bother me as long as it wouldn't effect the over all relationship in whole or in part.

I also dated a woman who had a breast removed from cancer but we stopped having sex until she was healed and had an implant done to replace and it because she was self conscience about it, not me.

I was aound 24 at the time and we were already dating when this happend and it didn't change how I felt about her in any way.

I think many that are in relationships with people with handicaps know, understabd and value that part the most.So yes I would date someone again who was an amputee. Where I watched every vein throb for the next half hour.As one woman wrote here sex is important to her, it is for me as well. Accidents happen, if YOU lost a breast to cancer, how would YOU feel if guys wouldn't date you because you weren't "whole"?!?!? Then he put his right hand on the back of the booth.At the time that I was dating him, his older brother, who had saved his life that day, was dying from cancer and it absolutely killed my friend that he couldn't do anything for him, that he couldn't save him in return. I can honestly say no, if I come to you whole, I expect you to come to me whole. Do people stare and chat behind hands just cos we have big noses,boobs,hips etc.... I had a date recently with a fishie that was missing all his fingers on his right hand but his thumb. The dinner date was going great until he uncovered his hand which he kept hidden in his lap. Where I watched every vein throb for the next half hour.

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