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But unlike David’s past TV appearances, isn’t an obscure program: It’s the most-watched dating show in the Chinese-speaking world.

I don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb but if I can dress young and it looks nice I'm me, I'll buy it.'He said: 'My previous relationship with girls my own age were terrible because they said they could handle my epilepsy but deep down they couldn't. If I haven't met someone like Joan I would have been single for the rest of my life.She lounges outside a coffee shop, paging through highlighted books with her glittery fingernails, and crossing a bridge unsettlingly similar to one near where I live in Pittsburgh.She also nails one of my favorite docudramatic standards: contemplatively staring off into the sunset. Not only did I never plan to appear in person, but I also never expected to watch myself portrayed on one by an actress.My reality TV doppelgänger wears a slouchy hat and a pea coat.In a soft-focus flashback, she wanders alone through a generic cityscape, accompanied by somber piano music.

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Then, last winter, my college ex-boyfriend, David, appeared as a contestant on a popular Chinese dating show called He’s been living in Beijing for the past six years, having moved there the summer after our college graduation and our break-up.

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