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It was the overreaction to that verdict—on both the left and the right—that produced the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) of 1993.

I mean, sure it’s a small, private business, but Mr. What a diabolical relationship we have, Mississippi and I, the home of all of my achievements and misfortunes. A state that has strengthened me yet kicked me while I was down.None other than the late Antonin Scalia put his finger on the problem.To make an individual’s obedience to the law “contingent upon the law’s coincidence with his religious beliefs” amounts to “permitting him, by virtue of his beliefs, ‘to become a law unto himself,’” he said.I won’t patronize his business, and he doesn’t have to sustain a facade of homophobia, which is really curiosity of this deviant, hell bound “lifestyle” I have “chosen” to lead.Alternatively, Joe uses the Bible, Jesus’s teachings, a book that so many people – gay, trans, and others rely on for guidance or as a source of fortitude and love – to promote his agenda of discriminate and bigotry. He knows nothing, not the first thing about the LGBTQ community.

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It “contradicts both constitutional tradition and common sense.” Scalia made these comments in his 1990 majority opinion in .

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