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It isn't worth writing any more about it, anywhere, but at least you got a free pog with the first issue.

Ben Baker's informed me, with photographic evidence and everything, that the Big Greenie made it to AT LEAST a third issue.

At this point in the story, Victoria's parents have had enough of her and sent her to live with her grandma: Her nan does her best, even taking Victoria on holiday to Butlin's, but she eventually dies of natural causes, something Victoria sees as a plot to prevent her from having breakfast in bed.

A few issues later, her parents are dead too, so Victoria inherits the family home, along with all the staff.

Undeterred, several of the artists and writers (Dean Wilkinson, Merv Johnston, Lee Healey and Phil Neill) went on to start another comic in 1995, called Fizog: That's a whole other article in itself for another day, but George Shiers of Wacky Comics has done a write-up of the three issues that were published, so you can take a look at "Acne Mk. Lots of familiar-looking characters on the cover there."At the end of the day", Acne is at least trying to be a kids' comic, which is why you'll occasionally find spots like these two, which seem oddly out of place considering the rest of the comic's content: And then...Well, Acne had a fair few "list" articles, all fairly innocuous stuff - "Top Ten Ways to Get Out of P.ANOTHER "spin-off" of sorts from Acne was a comic titled The Big Greenie, from the "environmentalism is COOL" school of thought that also brought us Captain Planet, Widget the World Watcher and Global Gladiators.It lasted for two issues, was filled with reprints of Acne strips (as well as reprints of many of Anthony Brown's things), along with a few patronising articles on why recycling's so great, that sort of thing.

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