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Some are obvious, like jamming your finger into an electrical socket or using the exit ramp as an on-ramp, although I'm amazed how many times that one has made the six o'clock news. Adding fuel to that fire, A-Rod has apparently left his wife, less than three months after she gave birth to the couple's second daughter. Oh sure, it's all just rumor and speculation at this point but pop queen Madonna may be canoodling with New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriquez, if all the gossip rags are to be believed.Houlihan, 32, believes the Material Girl and the third baseman have probably already hooked up."I truly believe there is rarely no smoke without fire."If it's true Madonna has sampled Alex's charms, then she'll know what I mean when I say she's a lucky lady," the New York Daily News quoted Candice Houlihan, as telling the newspaper.

Candice Houlihan told the British newspaper 'News of the World' that according to her the two are an item and if they're not, Madonna should reconsider.A source close to A-Rod says, "A-Rod and Madonna are more involved than ever. However, he understands the position Madonna's in." Interesting, considering that the two were recently spotted having a "friendly" dinner together in NYC just two weeks ago.The source adds that Madonna "has agreed to be discreet about her relationship with A-Rod until her tour ends and a divorce is announced." So why make it public now? He has since had bit parts in shows like but if you or I were to bump into him in Central Park, we'd have no idea who he was.Andy Bird - She was a musical sensation around the world. They were the original odd couple but they managed to keep it together for 18 months.

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