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It’s insane to think about, but the wives are usually fully aware. To make the pressure even stronger, these guys have an important role in giving back to their communities as well.Of course, like any trade where sex is on the table, the older they get, the harder it is to make money like they used to.

The longer I stayed in Bukit Lawang, the more I learned.

N* was fabulous at the guitar, and a phenomenal singer to boot.

He belted out love songs, strategically replacing certain words with “Kristin,” just in case there was any shadow of doubt that he was singing just for me.

Sure, many of them know all the words to popular Western songs, but sitting down and having a conversation is often rather difficult.

The next night I decided to observe with new eyes, watching the guys work their magic on girls they had taken trekking that day. The way they laugh freely and just enjoy life’s simple pleasures is refreshing.

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The documentary followed what can only be described as gigolos in Kuta, Bali, who seek out Western women who they believe may have money.

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