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“I’m afraid things are going to blow sky high during this next term,” a nursing student said. “He’s shallow, superficial and frightening,” one of that year’s historic numbers of “undecideds” insisted.

He received no pushback on Wednesday from Theresa May, the British prime minister, who simply congratulated Mr. The two leaders’ reactions were further proof that, after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, we will have to look to Mrs.

For as long as I can remember, you’ve been on a self-assigned mission to change the Middle East. Now, it seems as if the change has flowed the other way. To narrow the range of people entitled to justice and equality before the law.

To live in a place where the police should not be criticized; where fighting political correctness is more important than fighting racism; where Muslims are suspected and people who appear Hispanic can be rounded up if they’re not carrying their papers. Trump said he would bring back torture and ban Muslims from entering America, and he compared the threat of “radical Islam” to Soviet Communism.

The Arab and Muslim worlds only hope the United States stops contributing to the destruction. Trump does not exactly seem concerned for the wishes of Middle Easterners and their right to live in peace.

It sounds more like what he really wants to do is pal around with other strutting, authoritarian types.

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“The problem is not a loose lip but the simple answer.” While fearing what Reagan’s own running mate, George H. Bush, had dismissed as Reagan’s “voodoo economics” during their primary fight, the editorial board feared “voodoo diplomacy,” too.

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