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Brothel owners reportedly supply girls in prostitution to clients staying at hotels.

Children in Rwanda-based refugee camps are brought to Kigali, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, and South Sudan at the hands of other refugees or Rwandan and Ugandan “sugar daddies” for use in the sex trade.

Rwandan law enforcement cooperated with countries in the region and beyond—including Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Malaysia, and France—to investigate transnational trafficking offenses, facilitate the repatriation of trafficking victims, and disrupt trafficking operations.

This chapter, in combination with forced labor articles and other statutory sections, covers almost all forms of trafficking in persons.

Prosecution Although the government maintained strong efforts to investigate and prosecute some trafficking crimes, failure to stop M23 recruitment within Rwanda in 2012, which was at times reportedly supported by Government of Rwanda officials, amounts to complicity in trafficking crimes; the government has not yet acknowledged or taken action to address these crimes which took place within Rwanda.

The government convicted two trafficking offenders during the year and undertook several investigations, resulting in arrests of suspected traffickers and rescue of victims in the region and outside the country.

In August 2012, Nyarugenge Intermediate Court in Kigali sentenced two Rwandan men convicted of slavery under article 390 of the 1977 penal code to five years’ imprisonment; the men were part of a network of Chinese, Rwandan, and East African nationals trafficking young women and girls to China through Uganda for prostitution through fraudulent promises of employment.

In another case, a Kigali intermediate court acquitted a Rwandan woman, also charged under article 390, for attempting to transport four Rwandans to Europe for unknown purposes; although the prosecution appealed the verdict to the high court and the supreme court in early 2013, both upheld the acquittal, with the supreme court citing insufficient evidence.

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