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Fit-To-Width Applies a fit-to-width zoom level and the default zoom type when a web page is loaded or the browser is resized.The calculated zoom level is the largest zoom level that will allow the web page to be displayed without a horizontal scroll bar appearing.There are two maximum zoom levels, one for when the browser window is half screen width or less, the other for when the browser window is full screen width.When the browser window is between half screen width and full screen width, an intermediate maximum zoom level is calculated from the two defined maximum zoom levels.Summary of toolbar button actions: • Plus → click → Zoom In • Minus → click → Zoom Out • Percentage → middle-click → Zoom Reset • Percentage → click → Zoom Menu → click → Set Zoom Level • Percentage → click → Zoom Menu → middle-click → Set Default Zoom Level • Percentage → click → Zoom Menu → shift click → Set Text Minimum Zoom Level • Percentage → shift click → Default % or Fit-To-Width (depending on zoom mode) • Percentage → right-click → Full-Page or Text-Only In all cases, Ctrl click can be used instead of middle-click.GETTING STARTEDAfter installing Zoom Page, the Zoom Page toolbar button is automatically displayed in the Navigation Toolbar.Note, Fit-To-Width zoom often has little effect when the zoom type is Text-Only. Default Site Specific Applies the default zoom level/type when a web page is loaded or a tab is selected, unless a site specific zoom level/type has been remembered.

In all cases, Ctrl click can be used instead of middle-click.

USER REFERENCEUsing The Toolbar Button The current zoom level can be changed by clicking on the plus and minus buttons, or by clicking on the percentage display to show the popup Zoom Menu and then clicking on one of percentage zoom levels (the default zoom level is shown in black bold font and the text minimum zoom level is shown in red bold font).

On the Zoom Menu there are two special icons, one for applying Fit-To-Width or Fit-To-Window zoom, and the other for accessing the Options dialog.

The current zoom level can be reset to the default zoom level or to fit-to-width/window (depending on the Zoom Mode) by middle-clicking on the percentage display.

Note, this also removes site specific zoom level/type from the current site.

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Default Applies the default zoom level and default zoom type when a new tab is opened.

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